Testimonials From Participants

“If it were not for the Motivating the Teen Spirit program, I’m sure I would not be alive today. This program got me out of the juvenile justice system, off drugs, and away from pre-marital sex.”

– Chava (age 19)

“During my 25 years teaching high school, writing and practicing psychotherapy, many teens shared their hearts and their pain with me. I could listen, support, and refer, but I could not disappear the hurts.

Witnessing the work Motivating the Teen Spirit does, I know where teens can get their lives back. I have seen the emotionally beat-up youth come into your program and emerge as shining beings. Congratulations on your powerful, life-changing program.”

– Jill Raiguel, MS MFT JB Publishing, Upland, CA

“This program really helped me by not only looking at my anger and frustration and sadness but being able to look at my father’s. It helped me cool down and feel better about myself and think about fatherly figures.”

– Travis

Lives Transformed

Every day in America:

  • 2,805 children are arrested
  • 8 children and teens are killed with guns
  • Every 47 seconds a child is abused or neglected
  • More than 1.2 million public school children are homeless

(Children’s Defense Fund, 2017)

Parents, schools, and judicial and social services systems are desperately seeking more effective ways to reverse these alarming trends. MTS is the most comprehensive empowerment skills program available today for teen self-development. These programs are adapted from ten years of highly successful teen training programs created by founder Lisa Nichols.

Through our unique business model we develop and deliver leading-edge products and services that achieve consistent, extraordinary, and proven results. We are the standard by which all other companies and programs of this kind are measured.

We are committed to producing life-changing, interactive empowerment workshops, utilizing cutting-edge techniques to provide clear, practical, result-oriented approaches for teenagers to discover and apply their true powers for success and happiness. This program motivates and empowers teen audiences to break through social, economic and personal boundaries, and to develop their full potential.