Team Members

04 Oct

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols is an internationally known life coach and teacher, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and expert on teen esteem and personal empowerment who has personally impacted the lives of more than one million teens. She wants you to know and remember that Motivating the Teen Spirit is designed for leadership teens, high-performing teens, and teens from “great” homes as well as all others. “All teenagers deserve to have the right to learn what their own emotional prosperity looks like.” ...

03 Oct

Tia Ross

Tia Ross is a powerful Certified Master Facilitator for Motivating the Teen Spirit. Facilitating workshops that focus on emotional healthiness and personal accountability, she has touched the lives of parents and youth in schools, in the juvenile justice system, and in social services across the nation. Her experience is in the juvenile justice system of San Diego, CA, where she has held numerous positions that include student worker, family support worker, SAY San Diego, CAT Team, WINGS Program Coordinator, and church...

02 Oct

Matt Gil

Matt began his incredible journey with Motivating the Teen Spirit at a point in his life when he was hungry for change and ready to overcome the serious challenges he was facing. With extensive, recognized, and rewarding experience as a Trainer, including developing and delivering curriculum for companies such as Red Robin International, Six Flags, Disney, and various property management companies in Southern California, it was really upon being introduced to Lisa Nichols and MTS that he found his calling...