Matt Gil

Matt Gil
Master Facilitator
Location: San Diego
Experience: Over 10 years of experience

Matt began his incredible journey with Motivating the Teen Spirit at a point in his life when he was hungry for change and ready to overcome the serious challenges he was facing. With extensive, recognized, and rewarding experience as a Trainer, including developing and delivering curriculum for companies such as Red Robin International, Six Flags, Disney, and various property management companies in Southern California, it was really upon being introduced to Lisa Nichols and MTS that he found his calling and my answer to prayer – the opportunity to turn his personal journey into a mission to help others live a life they can love!

Today, he is passionate about providing young people with strength, empowerment, and the knowledge that they are not alone. He is driven by his vision of every teen choosing to make powerful changes in their life because they have been touched by a program called Motivating the Teen Spirit and have learned how to love themselves and make integrity-based decisions.